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Gum Busters Canada Gum Removal

On average, people chew about 50 MILLION pieces of
chewing gum EVERY day?  That’s a lot of gum!

Unfortunately, what happens is that most of that chewing
gum is disposed of anywhere except for a prop er garbage
receptacle.  All too often it will end up on the bottom of your
shoes, or worse, your customer’s shoes.
This is a serious social problem!

Gum Busters Canada is here to help!  We will not only take
care of all of your chewing gum removal and/or graffiti problems,
but we will do so in an efficient, timely, and affordable manner
with a dedicated environmentally friendly process.

Gum Busters Canada provides the best chewing gum removal system available, utilizing patented cleaning machines and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.  Our system uses minimal amounts of water for an entire day’s work.  We can successfully remove chewing gum spots from almost any surface; indoors and outdoors, in a matter of seconds, without causing any damage to the surface area.  Our team of internationally trained Gum Busters has declared war on this social problem that is leaving unsightly gum deposits in our communities. 

Contact Gum Busters Canada today for more information on how we can eradicate your sticky chewing gum problem!

Gum Removal Process


Gum Busters Canada Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can be defined as writing, drawing, scribbles, or placing of a mark on public or private property. It can range from simple words or elaborate drawings. It can also be defined as an individual or group’s artistic impression.

Either definition has a negative impact on our community and society. We typically frown upon any type of graffiti in a public place such as bus stops, train stations, buildings, playgrounds, subways, or any other surface. Defacing any type of public or private property is considered vandalism and is punishable by law.

Graffiti Busters can solve all of your graffiti problems. We have many years of graffiti removal experience, a complete line of Eco-friendly cleaning products, trained and dedicated technicians to help combat the continuing nuisance of graffiti that infects our communities.

We are proud to offer our customers an affordable, no mess, graffiti removal service.

Graffiti Removal - Green and Clean